Therapy & Coaching

We are a growing mix of talk therapists and coaches for all mood-related stuff – and the stories underlying it all (generational family difficulties, toxic workplaces, loss, systemic oppression… and much more). 

As your guides, we are all lifelong learners – which means we all bring an eclectic mix of modalities and styles to best serve you – whether it be Cognitive-behavioural, Gottman family work, Mind Rebel™ Coaching, Narrative therapy, Intuitive eating, Somatic experiencing, Breathwork, or Walk-and-talk. 

Meet your practitionerS

Because you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

You have a knowing that you are not showing up as your best “you”.

Your mood(s)? Stuck in the deep ruts of overwhelm, anger, sadness, maybe deep grief.

You might be acting in ways that you know won’t help you over time. Maybe you’re holding some secrets – which can lead to shame. And then, we know that leads us to want to [insert unhealthy coping behaviour here]… and that stinkin’ thinkin’ and unhelpful behaviours keep cycling.

You know all of this yourself. Maybe your friends and family have noticed too. And it may be impacting your most important relationships.

We hear you.

At Willow, we are welcoming. We are here to hold the most safe and brave space for you. We know that by remembering your best version of who you are, by leaning into your unique core gifts to guide the way forward – can be life changing.

We deeply listen. We are guides to help you shift through those limiting beliefs and internal stories that may no longer be serving you. And we are here to support you as individuals and couples.  

Chris Clapp


Social Worker & MindRebel™ Coach

Chris, Willow’s founder, finds her best mental health comes from her Boston terriers, Stella & Luna – who you may find coming and going at Willow! She loves good coffee, a good book, real talks and is as human as anyone, doing her best to fit in that movement class within a busy schedule.

Chris has a deep passion for coaching from an empowerment space, believing you already have the core gifts, skills and power within you to create positive change. She believes that our mental health means that we incorporate movement, mindfulness, and community into our overall self-care. As a Social Worker, she mixes in strength-based modalities with a coaching flavour to allow momentum forward out of those ruts.

Randy Kosloski



Randy is calm, patient and a listener extraordinaire! He has been working in the field of Emotional & Mental Wellness for over 20 years. Committed to helping improve the lives of individuals, couples, and families, Randy believes that this adds hope to the overall whole of our communities..

Randy’s super powers include using various modalities such as Emotion Focused and Cognitive Therapies as well as the Gottman Method for Couples Therapy. With additional specialized trainings, he has a special interest in Bereavement, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict and Forgiveness. Randy is a husband for over 20 years, father to two teenagers, and a personal attendant to a beloved dog who rules the house. Randy is passionate about the outdoors, recreational sports, and continuous learning.