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February 2021 Essential Work Special

The “state of emergency” order has been lifted, so now the ESSENTIAL WORK begins. Start where you are and refresh your outlook, renew connections and come MOVE your body. This 10 day package provides uplifting mindful movement classes starting February 19th, 2021 – February 28th.

Most classes will also be offered virtually as well. Invite those in your home to join you too!

This is a one-time purchase and is non-refundable, non-transferable and good only for February!

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Gift the joy of wellness this year!

We have a choice of gift certificates for you:

Once lockdown ends, Stay tuned for our


We are excited to welcome in the New Year with our Options that include In Person and Virtual:

10 class package: $175

($154.95 plus HST) $17.50/class

20 class package: $325

($287.75 plus HST) $16.25/class

Drop-in Class: $25

($22.12 plus HST) 

Virtual Drop-in Class: $10.06

($8.90 plus HST) 

Unlimited Month (no auto pay): $140

($123.89 plus HST) 3x per week $11.67/class

Willow Movement Autopay (General)
$115.00 ($101.77 plus HST) 3x per week $9.58/class

Willow Movement Autopay Older Adult (65+) 
$69.00  ($61.00 plus HST) 3x per week $5.75/class

Willow Movement Autopay Teens (13-19)
$69.00  ($61.00 plus HST) 3x per week $5.75/class

supporting you during these uncertain times

Our Schedule

Willow Wellness builds community around mental health, wellness and vitality through the practice of movement in camaraderie with others. We are passionate about creating safe spaces for bodies of all sizes and abilities. We know that a regular movement practice can improve strength and mobility, enhance our ability to manage stress, improve our mood, and bring forth sensations of joy. 

Please see our Membership offerings here

You can also opt for Drop-in Movement packages below if you are not ready to commit to a membership presently!


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Not ready to commit to a membership?

Check out our Drop-in Movement packages.

ClassTotal (includes HST)Price Per Class
Unlimited Monthly Pass$140
Drop In Class$25$25
5 Class Pass$113$22.50
10 Class Pass$175.09$17.50
20 Class Pass$325.16$16.25

Offerings are non-transferable and non-refundable. Schedule and prices may change without notice although we will do our best to minimize disruption.

We happily accept Visa & MasterCard. Please call us at 613-3622-6218 if this payment method is not possible for you.