Reflexology is a natural massage practice to relieve pain, tension, and enhance relaxation in the body.
Your therapist does this by stimulating reflex zones and points on the body, focusing on the feet and hands. Based on the theory, these reflexes in the body map to your overall system, including the glands and organs.

Reflexology can help restore energy imbalances, relieving stress and tension. It is safe, non-invasive and deeply relaxing.

Meet your practitioner

Emily Bolger

Reflexologist (certifying), Certified Aesthetician

Emily’s Superpower is making everyone feel like they are the most special person in the room. She has a passion for making your time with her feel like the richest self-care experience that is so needed with the many stressors of life! 

Emily completed her Aesthetics training in 2008 from the Beauty Academy -School of Hairstyling, Esthetics & Beauty.  A love of learning and and personal development led her to expand her training where she has experience in Gua Sha Acupressure; Thai Foot and Hand Massage; Indie Head Massage and more. Her passion for holistic health has led to her current training for Certification in Reflexology that she integrates into her overall experience for her clients.

She enjoys travelling, a favourite sunny place being Cabo, St Lucas. Spending time with her dogs and her family and travelling to hockey rinks is where you’ll often find Emily.

A central goal of reflexology is to support your body’s attempt to rest and restore

Doing so promotes your body to function at its natural, optimal state. It is important to note that reflexology is not massage. It is similar to acupuncture and acupressure – without needles, of course! And, it is not used to diagnose or cure disease.

For your first visit, your Practitioner will begin with a brief health history before beginning work by “reading the maps” and applying pressure on one or more localized areas on the feet, hands, ears and head. 

Reflexology therapy can:

  • relieve tension
  • improve circulation
  • help manage mood, persistent pain, hormonal and digestive issues
  • and more!