Mindful Strength 2-Day In-Person Training

Are you looking for a training program that offers a safe and brave container, inclusive of all bodies? Kathryn’s belief that movement should build us up, not break us down, is demonstrated throughout this training weekend.

More about Mindful Strength 2-Day In-Person Training

This weekend of inter-connected workshops will remind you of your own strength, teach you how to grow, and leave you in awe of the human body and its endless adaptive potential. 

Kathryn teaches evidence-based strength training in a non-judgemental and accessible way that meets participants where they are, and helps them develop functional strength and mobility. Kathryn’s background in yoga has informed the way she teaches strength training and makes this weekend an ideal fit for the practitioner who knows they want and need more strength, but would rather be on their mat. Her workshops are a combination of personal revelations, exercise break down, flowing practice, and lecture.


Extras! This workshop includes two resistance bands and the Mindful Strength Practice Deck, a 60 card strength program to help you build your own sequences, provide mindfulness prompts, and invigorate your practice. The Mindful Strength Practice Deck also includes 6 classes you can do from home after the workshop to remind you of the movements.


April 1-2 2023

9:00am – 4:30pm

Workshop Price: $399 CAD + HST


Participants do not need a background in yoga or strength training to join.

Participants must be able to get up and down from the floor unassisted.



This weekend includes the following itinerary:


Foundations of Strength – 9am-12pm Saturday

In this workshop, Kathryn will teach you the basic principles of strength building, for all ages, and levels. With these principles in place, participants will understand how to safely progress towards their goals and manage the curve balls that will inevitably come your way. Expect to move, learn strength training terminology, experiment with exercises, and expand your understanding of human adaptation and capacity. Weights, bands, bodyweight, and blankets will be used.


Strong and Stretchy – 1pm-4pm Saturday

Strength is not the opposite of mobility – in fact, these qualities can be developed and nurtured simultaneously. This workshop will teach you how to build strength and mobility using a stretchy resistance band. Kathryn will guide you through a series of conventional strengthening exercises as well as yoga poses with the resistance bands to light up new areas of the body, enhance proprioception, awareness, and build resilience.


Lifting Heavy Things –  9am-12pm Saturday

When we lift heavy things, our muscles and bones get stronger, as well as our confidence, self-efficacy, and our ability to stand our ground and feel empowered in our lives. This workshop will guide you through heavier weighted exercises using kettlebells and your own bodyweight. This session will be taught in a progressive way that mimics a multi-week strength program. Kathryn will also guide you through creating your own strength building programs. Whether you are a yogi at heart, a pilates enthusiast, or a gym goer, heavy lifting is an essential part of building and maintaining strength.


Complexities of the Core – 1pm-4pm Sunday

Often we talk about core strength as if it’s a cure-all. In reality, the core is so much more than your abs, and engaging your core isn’t always even recommended. In this workshop, Kathryn will guide you through a series of movements to better understand your core, why relaxing it is vital for strength and pain reduction, and how to re-learn core work from a biopsychosocial perspective. Basic breathing mechanics and pain science will be presented to give participants more well-rounded insight into the complexities of the core.


Meet Kathryn

Kathryn began teaching yoga as a teenager in her mother’s studio (Downward Dog Yoga Centre) at the age of 17. By age 22, she had completed a handful of trainings, but was also managing persisting back and knee injuries, so she began looking for new modalities to bring balance to her practice. Kathryn found strength training and immediately began implementing the principles of exercise science into her own practice and classes. Within a few months, her injuries had healed and her strength had surpassed what anyone had expected. Nearly a decade later, she continues to teach strength online and in-person to people looking for a balanced and mindful approach. Kathryn has mentored with strength coach Lovedeep Dhunna, as well as pain researcher Neil Pearson. Her other most influential teachers have been her mother Diane Bruni, Richard Freeman, Jules Mitchell, Ido Portal, and PICP certification.

Kathryn is the founder of Mindful Strength, the host of the Mindful Strength Podcast, the author of the Mindful Strength Practice Deck, and an international teacher. She runs an online studio membership as well as many popular strength programs.