Focus on the Foundations

If you're new to yoga or just starting out, sometimes classes can move too fast or you're just unsure how to do a pose. You might even be someone who has been practicing for a long time but is curious to get “back to the basics”.

More about Focus on the Foundations

These Foundation classes are easy to follow, move at a slower pace, and include plenty of instructions and explanations for proper alignment and what feels right for your body. There is lots of space to let you ask all the questions you want to! This course will help you to build a strong foundation and gain confidence in your yoga practice.

Each Foundations class will focus on different poses. You’ll learn how to incorporate the breath (prana) with the movements.  And, we will talk about the “lingo”, the Sanskrit words you may hear,  as well as some of the teachings and philosophy within Yoga practice.


Overall, in our Foundations workshops, our goal is to play and build your comfort level!