Willow Wellness Teacher Training

Are you looking for a movement training program that goes beyond a yoga teacher training? By understanding your nervous system and creating safety in the body, through movement, play, breath and other embodiment practices, you will move from surviving to thriving. Reconnect with yourself in an inclusive community so that you can step into the most authentic version of yourself.


BreathWork, or conscious connected breathing, is an active meditation technique that facilitates emotional release in a safe and supportive environment. Through full rhythmic breathing, our conscious mind softens, allowing us to tune into the wisdom of our body to heal current stress, past wounds, old patterns and traumas.

The Nourished Woman

Are you ready to make peace with food and reclaim your life? It’s time to heal your relationship with food and your body. Learn to nourish yourself, tune into your body signals and break the cycle of chronic dieting.