Astrology & Tarot

Heart-centred, intuitive, professional astrology and tarot readings. We are free to create our future but the Universe has a way of bringing meaningful insight into what part of the cycle we are in through our birth chart and the tarot.

Meet your practitioner

Evelyn Mari Crete

Professional Astrologer

As a professional Astrologer, Evelyn has been speaking the language of astrology and interpreting the stars since her youth. For her, life sparkles with brilliance and meaning through the lens of this sacred, vast and symbolic language. Evelyn brings over 20 years of experience and heartfelt counselling skills to her practice. She has studied and practiced humanistic/archetypal/ Jungian astrology and evolutionary astrology on both coasts of North America and internationally.

With a guiding intention to help clients remember their life purpose, she seeks to increase their sense of joy and peace within themselves and in their relationships. She approaches readings with kindness, honesty, humour and compassion and feels blessed to share this ancient gift with seekers looking for their best path forward on this sacred journey of life. Client feedback consistently involves hearing that their reading was insightful, meaningful and offered confirmation and clarity. Part of Evelyn’s life as a reader is through the synchronistic and wonderful world of tarot. Tarot is an amazing guide offering insight with a greater perspective of what lies before us.

Virtual Astrology Reading
Birth chart readings offer you greater self-awareness which allows for transformative shifts in how you see yourself, your life path and gives you insight on how to fulfill your greatest potential. We will look at themes around love, vocation, and well-being.
We will also go to deeper levels as we explore the ‘chart beneath the chart’ and your soul’s evolutionary path and purpose.
Your unique reading includes an overview of your current and upcoming planetary forecasts to further empower you as you move forward in life. Your accurate birth time will help provide a more personalized reading.

Virtual Tarot
Tarot is best used as a guide, helping us gain clarity on our innermost desires and to shed light on where we are at in our life, and where we wish to go.

Tarot is a symbolic map of consciousness that encompasses our journey through life, both spiritually and practically.
Emerge inspired from your tarot reading having connected with your higher self. Enlightening & empowering!