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Mental Health Matters.

Nourish your mind, body and spirit!

Catie Clapp, B.Ed, PCC (Left) & Chris Clapp, MSW RSW (Right) with Willow pups, Milly, Lulu, Luna & Stella

who we are

About Willow

Since 2018, Catie Clapp, B.Ed, PCC, and Chris Clapp, MSW RSW, have been on a journey to transform the way we can collectively  take care of our mental health. We believe in the power of transforming our mind, body and spirit through breath, movement and community.

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How we can help

Our Offerings

Our offerings are designed to help you take care of your mental health. Learn more about our featured programs below:

supporting you during these uncertain times

Monthly Memberships

Our Membership plans are facilitated and overseen by Chris Clapp, MSW RSW. Monthly plans are covered by most benefit and insurance plans. Receipts will be provided.

Nourish the spirit

Experience two morning classes Tuesday/Thursday 6:30 - 7:00 am EST weekly.

Feel more calm and peace by moving stress out of the body through playing with the breath.

Older Adult (65+) and Teen (13-19)

Nourish The body

In-person Classes allow you an experience to move, grow, connect and laugh with other human beings! Classes will be held indoors or outdoors, depending on Covid regulations and with respect to regulated numbers for your health and safety.

Older Adult (65+) and Teen (13-19)

Nourish the Mind

We are all impacted by stress! Let’s break the taboo and get real and raw together.

We will use the “Tree of Life” framework, a culturally-responsive approach where we share stories about our lives in safe spaces that make us stronger. We will talk about the “storms” that affect us and how we can respond, protect each other and come together in a “forest of life”.

Themes and impromptu topics as determined by the needs of the group.

IN-PERSON 2nd Wednesday and 4th Wednesday
1:15 - 2:15 pm EST


IN-PERSON 2nd Wednesday and 4th Wednesday
6:15 -7:15 pm EST

*2nd Tuesday and *4th Tuesday
7:00 - 7:30 am EST

(*NOTE: these classes are in conjunction with the Tuesday BreathWork class at 6:30 AM EST via ZOOM. Please join at 6:30 for benefit of the full hour experience.)

Older Adult (65+) and Teen (13-19)